Easton Davy


I like to listen to music, and I especially enjoy Jazz and Blues. I also love the paintings of Piet Mondrian as well as the colors of Delft Blue earthenware, which I incorporate into my Jazz and Blues designs together with elements of Mondrian’s style. This results in an exciting type of artwork in which I am searching for a new direction that embodies my own culture, my musical tastes, and my art.


I work with acrylic paint as well as inks and watercolors. As backgrounds, I enjoy using old newspapers as well as pages from antique dictionaries. Sometimes I work on pieces of cardboard. I like to make mixed-media collages using recyclable materials, items that people throw away. I also make prints, usually of my music-related art, which in turn is largely improvised.


As a child growing up in New York City, I was always fascinated watching people who were different looking. I began to draw people while I was in primary school, and I have not stopped. I have been creating art for over 50 years, and am inspired by music, Jazz in particular. I have exhibited throughout the USA and in the Netherlands since 2004. In addition, I have enjoyed considerable success over the past 17 years painting live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, creating artworks that – just like the music – are improvised. I also love the history of art in the Netherlands, and I like to use one of my favorite artists, Mondrian, as an inspiration to develop new styles of art. I am always creating, and it gives me great pleasure to share my artworks with the public.