On the general theme:

The object of KLOGW’s research is the interaction between ”man” as though he were an object, and ”space” as though he were a physical and metaphysical place. The whole world of a genealogical line starting from Vitruvius and, through the Renaissance, reaches up to the twentieth-century research on minimal existence and the modulo proportional system defined by Le Corbusier. KLOGW’s researche can be considered translations of purely architectural reasoning into the field of art, or even better as a transfiguration in an aesthetic key.

On the ” compasses ” series :

Compass man is a thinking man, his knowledge of the world is limited by the pivot that anchors himself to reality. He could have different range of thinking but would still observe a finite portion of space, that as part of a whole cannot be objective. Human uses a genetic mutation to adapt to world conditions. However, it is not only the shape and extent of one’s body that change, but also that of one’s thinking.


Human body has a skeleton, muscles and skin. In this biological system everyting has a specific function that makes him able to walk, think, look around. This concept can be translated into the ”art world” as a sculpture which has a  steel structure, that gives elasticity; The clay mass (air dry which is mixed whith natural colored pigment; a resin skin that gives strongness and finally a glossy effect.

Je ziet altijd weer nieuwe dingen als je de Kunstsuper Delft binnenloopt. Vaak is er werk te zien van nieuwe deelnemers. Maar ook brengen de kunstenaars regelmatig nieuw werk en zorgt de styling voor een andere presentatie. Zo is het iedere keer de moeite waard om even een kijkje te nemen in de Kunstsuper Delft.